Betty White, dead at 99

Ok, so – I know this is late – and Dad would’ve recognized the news of Betty White passing on the day of, if he was able.

The day I found out that she died, I ‘pontificated’ that she had heard that Jonco died – so she decided – I’m outta’ here too!

Now they both know ‘the secret’. Rest in Peace, Betty – we all loved you.


6 thoughts on “Betty White, dead at 99”

  1. I was going to say Betty White died because Jonco left, but I thought it was a “too soon” moment and didn’t want to joke about death. I’m glad you said it because I also thought the same thing.

  2. Betty is right on the money. There is nothing in life that gives more pleasure than helping someone out, cutting someone a break, being kind to someone who hasn’t earned it.

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