B&P Link Dump

2021 Wasn’t All Bad

Clever Life Hacks

Terminology of the British Isles

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Cosmo, the foul-mouthed crow

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Honoring a fallen ice cream man

10 Secret Power Tool Hacks for DIYers

50 Best Zoos in the U.S., Ranked

Feral hogs invade Texas neighborhood

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A Look Back at Expert Predictions For 2021

How the poinsettia took over Christmas

How a strange bird from Mexico became a Christmas classic

4 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

  1. am i that old?

    I remember buying cigarettes for my dad from a similar machine when I was ~6 years old… I also remember many times back then when I would pick up cigarettes and beer at the neighborhood grocer; again going back as far as around 6 years old. – it was in the 1960s and I probably made that walk (about 2 miles round trip) a few times a week and no-one batted an eye at a 6 year old buying any of that…

    I don’t think I was ever ‘carded’ buying alcohol until I was nearly 20, and at that point I was ‘grandfathered in’ – the “new” drinking age was 21 but people that were older than 18 when they raised the drinking age were still allowed to drink. Prior to that ~1980ish I never heard of anyone being asked for ID

  2. Re “2021 Wasn’t All Bad”, one of the events celebrated is the banning from Twitter of a former President of the United States. That’s a wonderful step in the right direction: we can all hope to see the day when any statement or opinion disapproved of by the staff of Wired Magazine will be forever banned from public discourse. Who knows, maybe they can lead the way to abolishing the First Amendment next year!

    • Love or hate Trump, my thoughts are the same when I read that.
      After reading that, I kinda just skimmed the rest. Not a serious publication.

  3. I remember when cigarettes went from 20¢ to 22¢ in the machine and since the machines wouldn’t take pennies there would be three pennies change from a quarter inside the cellophane wrapper on each pack.

    The Wired headline was 21 things that made the world a better place, not 2021 wasn’t all bad. It’s obviously an opinion piece not a news story, although it’s tough to tell the difference these days.
    But being an opinion piece doesn’t mean it’s not serious, and doesn’t eliminate but actually strengthens the first amendment.

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