1 thought on “Definitely different sports…”

  1. I’ve tried watching soccer, also called football, also laughingly called the beautiful game, but I just can’t seem to put up with it more than a few seconds.
    I can watch rugby, also called football, but find it best not live as there are boring bits where nothing happens and I can FF past them.
    I’ve tried watching grid iron, also called football, but even though I played on the school team for try outs (here in N.Z.) I never really got the hang of it so chose to start chasing girls instead (being a ‘jock’ in N.Z. doesn’t do much for the girls).
    Rugby is my choice to watch, super fit, mostly large men smacking into each other wearing thin tee shirts.
    Grid Iron players wear padding and crash helmets, ffs, but even still it is better than soccer snow flakes falling over because another snow flake breathed on them.


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