The Lemonade Stand

A stockbroker walks past a kid selling lemonade.
“Hey mister, ya want some lemonade?”
The stockbroker is just getting out of his brand-new BMW in a nice tailored suit. He was about to walk past when he a double take at the sign that says “Lemonade $50”.

“Your sign is wrong kid. I think you mean fifty cents”.

The little girl shakes her head. “Nope, fifty bucks mister. I need the money for Space Camp!”

The stockbroker pauses for a minute, because he appreciates a good hustle but clearly this kid is going about it the wrong way. “Look sweetie, I know you’re trying to make money but you have to charge what people are willing to pay. No one is going to pay that much for a tiny cup of lemonade. Now what do you think is a fair price?”

The little girl beams and says “Fifty bucks mister!”

The stockbroker gives a little sigh and shakes his head. “Okay I’m gonna pass. You see? You can’t make a profit when no one pays your price. Now do you have anything else for sale?”

“Homemade brownies, ten cents!”

The stockbroker winces in frustration. “Okay look, I studied economics at Harvard and I got my MBA from Wharton so I’m going to teach you a little about business, okay? Now each of your little cups of lemonade probably costs you about ten cents including the margin cost of your stand”. He takes out a dollar. “I’ll pay you ten times that much because I want to help you understand about markup”.

The little girl shakes her head and smiles. “No thanks, mister. Fifty bucks please!”

“You know what? I give up. Take this dollar and I’m going to buy ten of your brownies, I know you’re losing money on them, and I’m not going to buy a single cup of your overpriced lemonade. I’m trying to be nice and teach you about business but I guess this is the only way for you to learn a lesson”.

“Okay!” The girl takes the dollar and puts ten brownies on a plate. 

Just to make the point, the stockbroker decides to eat one of the brownies right in front of her. Suddenly he begins coughing and gagging uncontrollably. “Oh my God… what is… what did you put in these!!?”

She grins happily and says “It’s my special recipe! Eggs, flour, butter, cocoa, sawdust and dog poop!”

“This is horrible! I have to get this taste out of my mouth!”

The little girl takes out a jar full of $50 bills, cocks her head to the side and says through a beaming grin “Ya want some lemonade?”

Thanks, Shane

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