2 thoughts on “Best Value”

  1. I know everybody is innocent, but I recently received a speeding ticket for doing 121 kilometres per hour as I passed a slow and erratic driver ahead.
    The police officer did not care to hear any explanation, just issued a fine for $NZ170 and 35 demerit points.
    In future I will pass slow and erratic drivers at the speed limit of 100kph, thereby endangering all on the road.
    The 50 years driving without ever an accident and the 12 years driving without a speeding or parking ticket mean nothing, there are no merit points, just demerit ones, and it does not matter how safe a driver you are, break the terrible and horrendous evil speed limit, even on an emptyish state highway with just the one slow and erratic driver and the one police officer secreted away in the distance and BAM ! free money for the government.
    I can understand how some people think sexually intercourse the police … from behind !

  2. Lol. Sexually intercourse with the police should read sexually intercoursing with the police is a good idea..
    I was just trying to avoid saying fuck the police … from behind !

    Edit – Put an asterisk in place of the u in fuck, that way you can be all innocent while making the reader say the word in their head.


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