Weekend Open Mic

Weather: A little warmer and dryer than usual as we end November and bring in December.

The week: We’re going 3-pin bowling tonight in the basement of an area bar Saturday night. Then I’ll be spending most of my free time working on videos for a Christmas program due in 3 weeks. Not much else going on.

TV: We finished the new season of In The Dark (Netflix) earlier this week. We watched the Home Sweet Home Alone (Disney+) movie this week, and we watched the 7 episode series True Story (Netflix) with Kevin Hart in a serious drama playing a comedian who gets involved in a murder. Good show. We plan to watch the Beatles Let It Be (Disney+) short series too.

Websites: We’re upgrading our web hosting for Bits and Pieces and Bits of Wisdom. I’ve initiated the upgrade and it should be done in a day or two. There might be some downtime on the site during the upgrade. That upgrade will cost me $110 a month. Donations are appreciated.