3 thoughts on “MASH Film Opening – Suicide Is Painless”

  1. I rewrote the lyrics during the DingleBarry farce:

    To the tune of the theme from M.A.S.H. :

    Through speeches filled with lies I see
    What Obamacare will be
    The pains it holds in store for me
    I understand most perfectly. . . .

    Obamacare is flaky
    Its principles are shaky
    But we can’t take or leave it as we please.

    The Congress found a way to make
    Exceptions for their friends to take
    And unions get a big tax break
    While we’re left with a huge heartache

    ‘Cause ACA is broken
    Its mysteries unspoken
    And no one read its murky legalese.

    In Washington the game they play
    Is politics the whole damned day
    No matter what the people say
    We’re gonna lose it anyway

    And Welfare is so pleasing
    And EBT’s so easy
    And Nanny State has lots of cheddar cheese

    The way Progressives win is cheat
    Before we even vote we’re beat
    And Harry won’t give up his seat
    While Nancy does her re-repeat

    Our Congress is unfaithful
    Unethical and spiteful
    And can’t remember it went there for.

    The President has such thin skin
    It ruptures as Fox News begins
    And festers when the truth sinks in
    While Carney tries to make it spin . . .

    And scandals keep appearing
    From Lib’ral racketeering
    ‘Til someone says, “Oh Looky, there’s a squirrel!”

    A patriot once asked of me
    What are the answers that are key
    Will we remain a strong country?
    So I said, “Ask our CinC.”

    ‘Cause bankruptcy is painless
    It brings on many changes
    And Detroit is the future, I foresee . . .
    And Islam will bring death to you and me.

  2. Golly to the above.

    It seems funny now, but as a kid I rushed to the TV when Mash was on, to sit and watch mutilated and broken young American men being helicoptered into a makeshift hospital in a foreign country … yet laughed at the jokes.
    I guess I was too young still to see the underlaying horror and pointlessness.

    But I have a GM car in my driveway today.


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