Friday Firesmith – Thankful

As many people are invading retail outlets, and abusing the clerks they find there, I will be sitting at home, still under the covers from the waist down, writing. I am thankful I have no reason, no compulsion, to venture out on Black Friday, but instead feel obligated to come here, and feel grateful for the time I have been given.

I’m thankful my Mom lives with me now, both my siblings are still alive, and my father is still well. My little sister’s lot in life is to deal with our father, and I am grateful it is not I who has to put up with that particular parent. I got the best deal in this, and I know it, too.

Both my sisters are doing well, my niece and nephew are both in good health and have good jobs. I have a neighbor whose grown son is floundering in self-inflicted debt, and therefore his parents are supporting him, as well as trying to make ends meet themselves.

I am fortunate, but not necessarily lucky, for my financial health is also good, despite having some setbacks this year, and a serious setback in 2019. I am lucky to be alive, and know it. I had healthcare providers willing to overlook my own obstinance and get me into a hospital just as Death reached out for me.

In an economy where many are suffering, the hit Mom and I have taken is not as serious as some have suffered. Our needs are few, and we are not extravagant people. I am grateful the four dogs are in good health, and their needs are small. As I write this, three of the four are sleeping at my feet, with Budlore Amadeus, at post guarding The Mom, as he is wont to do. I am grateful to the extreme that animal has taken a deep and powerful interest in the well being of my Mom. Short, compact, and demonically strong, Bud is everything I could want in the Secret Service he alone operates.

At this stage of my life, at sixty-one, there’s more and more people I knew when I was young who are dead now. Nearly everyone’s parents have already died, siblings are gone, and one by one, whenever I speak with someone I once knew, there is a rollcall of the dead. A woman I once dated had a grown daughter die of the plague. Mom and I have done much to avoid the virus, but there is no small amount of luck that we haven’t ran into it. Two shots and a booster, we’re doing our part.

I feel grateful for the people here, the people who read my weekly posts, both of you, and I am grateful Jon is still putting up with me. I’m glad to have this time here, and I am never disappointed by the insight I gain from the comments.
In 2021, what did you find most to be grateful for?

Take Care,

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12 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – Thankful”

  1. I’m grateful for my life. For another opportunity to find those things I’ve yet to explore. Come what may, I’m looking forward to experiencing the “other side of life”.

  2. Always thankful for my family all doing well, but this year I’m mostly bless after having Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) surgery eight months ago. Not having to pee every one to two hours with an enlarged prostate was something I never even dreamed about.

  3. Grateful? Yes, because it could be a hell of a lot worse.
    Grateful I can pay my bills. Grateful I have good health insurance.
    Grateful I’m still mobile (if I obey my prostates demands LoL)
    Grateful for the internet giving me a steady flow of interesting information and amusement.

    I still haven’t figured out if the net has screwed up the world, or just revealed how screwed up it’s been all along while I was fat, dumb, and happy in my pre-net cocoon.

    And of course grateful to Mike & Jon.

  4. I’m thankful for my parents still being here, all three of us have had two shots and a booster as well. My dad is more of a grumpy old man lately, but he’s still around so we’ll take it.
    I’m thankful I have a job I enjoy, one where I have the opportunity to help people everyday.
    I’m thankful I still have my old dog, she’s getting more and more grey in her muzzle and around her eyes. I’m not even sure how old she is, as she was a rescue, the best kind. But she’s here to greet me every day with tail wags and kisses when I come home. The best greeting I could ask for.
    I have my house, and food, and utilities, and so far have been able to afford to live fairly comfortably and snug. I consider myself fortunate.

  5. Im thankful for my parents who are both still with me. My Dad only got out of the hospital today after being there for over a week. He had a suspected stroke but it turned out to be just an issue with his pacemaker. They are both 80 next year and I am grateful for every moment I have with them.
    I am grateful to my daughters Kellie and Sarah who are both successful in their careers. At least I did that right lol
    I am grateful to my partner Mick for coming back into my life after 30 years and next Feb it will be 3 years together


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