1 thought on “But, play at your own risk!”

  1. This brings back a funny memory: The school I went to had two fields, upper and lower. The upper one, of course, is higher than the lower one – you couldn’t see the lower one if you were on the upper field. My group was doing archery on the upper field. I ‘wondered’ what would happen…so I aimed one arrow really high and let it go. The arrow sailed up and up, arcing and down towards the lower field. Very graceful.
    Then, I heard shouting from below. And swearing. Soon, I see another coach coming up the hill…and he was not happy. “Who shot that goddam arrow?” he demanded. “I did”, I said. He glared at me as he brought his left arm from behind his back – holding the arrow with a dead soccer ball on the business end of it. “You owe me another soccer ball, dammit! Nice shot, though…didn’t you know we were down there?” I just looked at the dead soccer ball, then at him, and smiled.

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