1 thought on “Possum Soup”

  1. Possums.
    Native marsupial of Australia and legally protected there.
    Imported into New Zealand for the fur trade back when men had beards and now are despised by many as believed to ruin forests and eat all the newly hatched chicks and probably vote for the wrong political party.
    J’habite en nz, and in my last house I had a possum living in the back garden (which backed onto a 70 million hectare state owned forest) and she would come to the back door most nights about 11pm and gently take food out of my hand.
    I lived at that house for 5 years and not a single tree was damaged and there were so many native birds that an atomic scatter gun loaded with feather seeking multi point nasty bits couldn’t have reduced the numbers.
    The sweet faced, pouched tree climber had a wee bairn and when that baby was out of the pouch the mother let me pat it.
    I need to tell you this – young possums are naked of fur and sharply resemble Dobby the House Elf, from the Harry Potter movies
    I have since not died from any lyme, rabies, leprosy, covid, delta, ebola, ennui or diabetes type 1, 2 or 3 diseases.
    Possums are different to opossums, mainly as the North American animal has a mouth more akin to alligators and crocodiles, where as the Australasian pocketed fur baby is somewhat cuter.
    I may be biased.

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