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  1. Ref Bots are coming post, this actually happened to me last week. I bought an item online for €24 and had to confirm with the two-factor authentication. All was good until later in the day I was asked to confirm payment of €350. I knew I didn’t buy anything so denied it and checked my account. Several amounts under €300 had been taken and used on Betting platforms. Total was nearly €1000. I contacted my bank and they cancelled the card immediately. I asked how they did it without the two-factor. They seemly have found a way to bypass this. Good thing the money will be refunded to me.

  2. They omitted one of the more frequently used British slang words: Cunt. From the Urban dictionary:
    “Cunt is a term used mainly in the UK by both men and women as a term for stupid or idiotic, often with the word “right” used as an adjective before it.

  3. Lol. British slang number 8 – Bespoke, it is actually a word, even been in all dictionaries since at least last Tuesday.

  4. I wouldn’t recommend the OCD test to anyone with OCD. The adds popping up and covering the test and the erratic behavior of the page loading drove me crazy! I don’t know what I would have scored because I couldn’t make it through the test! And I never considered myself OCD. I’m pretty laid back type of guy.

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