11 thoughts on “Penn and Teller on vaccinations”


    I’m pleading with you people, quit putting words in our mouths. We are not anti-vaxxers.

  2. How many years do you think all the other medications that anyone takes have been tested just in case there is a problem twenty years down the road? You are not being forced to be vaccinated. If your employer requires it you shouldn’t work for such an uncaring ogre. If you don’t want a vaccination don’t get one. If you don’t get Covid you win. But if you get Covid don’t waste the overloaded medical personal with your willfully unprotected infection. All caps is not impressive.

  3. As opposed to the known long term effects of this virus, such as heart, lung or brain damage, or death. You can choose to not get the vaccine, but those that don’t lose the right to be out in public because you become a potential killer of others or just simply giving life long harm to others. You see, we do know what this virus is capable of. We do know this vaccine does a lot to prevent those harms. We do know your claims about this vaccine are specious, as the video points out. We also do know that if one chooses to not get vaccinated, the best solution is to quarantine themselves until the virus lacks the ability to wreak havoc among the larger population. These are things we all know, so if you do choose to go out, without a mask and/or not be vaccinated, you’re not doing it because you are concerned.

    If anything, you should be less concerned about people putting words in your mouth and more concerned about malignant sources putting lies into your head.

  4. I can’t say with any certainty whether or not vaccines contribute to autism. But I can say with absolute certainty that vaccines stop viruses.
    Having COVID taught me some things that are traumatic to even remember. One of them is that this particular virus makes you want to die. I guess it’s fortunate that it also completely incapacitates you so you are incapable of either making a plan or carrying it out. The fever fries your brain to the point that you are not in control of your thoughts. The lack of oxygen renders your muscles mostly unable to make conscious movement. And the general lack of influence over your body and mind makes you very claustrophobic. I was in hospital for just over two weeks during which time my lovely roommate died. I almost joined her a few days later, but a fast-acting nurse pulled me back from the brink. Then, I was on oxygen for a month after coming home. Now, almost 5 months later, the lack of stamina means that I can barely walk around the house. I need a cane at all times due to intense muscle ache. My memory, already poor, has taken a nose dive. I have chest pain throughout the day, my eyesight has deteriorated and I’ve lost most of my hair. The thing is that I’d had one dose of the vaccine prior to catching COVID, but only 5 days before, so not enough time to develop immunity. However, it was made abundantly clear that if it wasn’t for that single dose, I wouldn’t be here today.

    • WOW! Sounds like you’ve been through the wringer, Dianne. So many people have gone through it too with varying effects, some not as bad and many worse or fatal. Yet it irks me when people talk about the “widespread side-effects” of the vaccine. Bullshit!

      • Here’s an irony to watch for in the future. We are seeing survivors of this virus suffering from what they call “Long Covid”. It entails damage to the major organs and brain fog among them. In some, after getting the vaccine, it dissipates, others, not so much. So we can look forward to a future of people who hate government programs, signing up for Social Security Disability. Yet, they’ll probably still vote against their own interests.

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