Friday Firesmith – The Sins of Brian Laundrie

The odds that everyone in the family is stupid enough to hide the murderer in a state park are low. The odds they aren’t smart enough to hide him anywhere else, given only ten days to figure it out, are high. Hiding is difficult, and it takes a hell of a lot of planning, and it takes a lot of will. You have to hide 100% of the time to be 100% safe. Looking out of the window, letting a delivery guy look into an open door, logging into your social media account, all of this, and everything else, will get you found.

You have to become someone else, somewhere else, and you have to become invisible.

The FBI, or anyone looking for you, could merely go into your computer, check the top twenty websites you look at every day, and then track everyone who goes to those sites. Yeah, that’s a lot of people, but you likely hit them at certain times, and you likely spend a certain time there every day. It’s as clean as a fingerprint.

So no social media, no surfing the net, and because you were watching Season seven episode 10 on Netflix you can never finish that series without it being one small drop of rain in what might become a flood if you keep adding to it. You order a large pizza, extra peppers, spicy wings and a two liter Coke every Friday, and that’s another clue as to who you are. You follow Taylor Swift on Instagram but so does a million other people, but how many of them are also following the same people you do?

You could do a lot of reading, I do, but at the same time, what if you’re a product of the digital age? How many times have you used your fingerprint to open your phone, and what happens if you get a new ID, a new phone, and that fingerprint gets picked up by an algorithm they don’t have to tell you about?

Eric Rudolf spent five years in hiding, but he had put a lot of training and a lot of prep work into his hideout. He had food, water, medical supplies, but eventually he was caught looking for food in a dumpster. Those damn Whoppers are addictive.

But Rudolf was a loner. He had constructed his escape by never being seen by anyone. He traveled in the woods at night and was good at it. A twenty-four year old with no idea how to hide isn’t going to be very good at it at all.

Even if his folks managed to get him somewhere he’s unknown, there’s little chance he’ll last more than a couple of weeks, maybe a month, even if he’s in Mexico by now. He will not be able to stop being who he is. It’s the one thing that Eric Rudolf did for five years and could have done it for five more.

You either have a hell of a lot of preparation, or you have an iron will not to get caught. Or both.

If not, you’re either caught, or you are dead.

I think faced with the idea that no matter what happens next, someone like Brian Laundie isn’t going to be able to live without himself, the way his life was, and lacking the skills to hide, or the will to face what he’s done, I think he’s already dead.

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13 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – The Sins of Brian Laundrie”

  1. If you’re suggesting he committed suicide, I hesitate to agree. He was, by info I gathered, an abuser. Abusers usually have a sense of entitlement and tend to have leanings that people will come around to agreeing with their point of view on the situation. Will he be careless or emboldened with this thinking? Not sure, but I see one of two scenarios happening in the future for him. He either will be captured and will plead innocent holding onto the belief it was her fault she died and he is actually the victim or he will die by suicide by cop. The latter offers him, at least in the mind of an abuser, a bit of going out in a blaze of glory.

    But then again, I heard reports he fled to Florida, so he just may die of Covid.

    • I think his sense of entitlement is what’s going to either cause him to opt out, or get caught. Deprived of being his parents’ golden boy, and having them bail him out of all his troubles, he rather die than go to jail. Suicide by cop is too confrontational for this sort of child so I think he’ll OD.

  2. While hiding anywhere in the world, if he’s discovered by a formerly abused person, not abused by him but by anyone, they could murder him and get away with it easily. Everyone including the law would assume suicide. Even if they suspected foul play it would wrap up this high profile case cleanly so let it go.

    • Odd, isn’t it? I’ve heard someone say that this morning, that he’s America’s most hated man right now. Yet all he really turns out to be is yet another guy who killed his girlfriend, which is the leading cause of death of girlfriends. He made the mistake of killing a pretty girl, with a high profile, and blue eyes. That’s the difference between Ted Bundy and Sam Little. Bundy killed the wrong women, so he was hunted. Little killed women no one cared about, so he wandered freely.

      • That’s a valid point. There’s over a hundred missing females in that state in the past few years alone and no hunt has been had for them. Why? Because they’re not white.

  3. I have not been really following the case, but I do believe that one is innocent until proven guilty. So when he is caught, I hope he is caught alive and brought to trial; if found guilty of murdering, the death penalty is okay with me.

    Many people seemed to have lived for a long time in the Witness Protection Program, so doing research on that process might help you disappear.

    Somewhere I have written down the authors of a book called “How to Disappear” – that should be a good resource, too.

    Just off hand, to disappear, I would try to get a new ID and then a passport, create a new e-mail, create new accounts I want or need using the new e-mail system (so I can watch episode 11 of season 7 on Netflix), get a new phone with a new number, stop shaving to get the pitiful beard I can grow, then move somewhere no one knows me but has a population of American expats to blend in with.

    Using my current name and credentials, I would pull all the money out of my accounts; then set up new accounts under my new name. Then work on getting credit cards with that new name.

    And if those talking about Sam Little are talking about this one: – he did get caught.

    What is funny to me are the journalist complaining that the reason this is big news is that the murder victim is a white person; and then they mention that the murders of minorities do not get the same lime light. Gee, if they are journalists, maybe they should do their job and report on those minorities who are murdered.

  4. One of the overlooked items is the current warrant. He has been indicted on a financial crime, not the murder. Smoke and mirrors by Laundrie’s family and maybe their family attorney and he’ll walk out nowhere believing he will get a light sentence.

    Did the cops involved botch this one? Probably, but I don’t have the full story. I don’t think Laundrie is actually prepared to survive long term.

    I think you’re right Mike social media will be his undoing if Laundrie isn’t already dead.

  5. Tim, you saved the best for last with that ending paragraph. But Sam Little didn’t get caught for decades, and truthfully, no one really cared if the runaways and throwaways were being murdered or not. Gary Ridgeway killed a fourteen year old, and her body wasn’t identified for three years. No one had reported her missing so no one was looking for her. Three years. Your daughter, sister, niece, whatever, goes missing at 14 and you don’t even bother to report her as missing?

  6. David, we know he’s capable of making mistakes, for a small amount of cash. A thousand seems like a lot, but in a week a good chunk of that will be gone if he’s running. If he’s hidden away, boredom will eventually do him in.

  7. Scot Peterson murdered his wife, and child, (his wife was 8 months pregnant) and dumped her body in San Francisco Bay on Christmas Eve. I believe if it hadn’t been for her parents he would have gotten away with it.
    I see his death sentence has been over turned, and the good tax payers of California will get to support him for the rest of his miserable life.

    • Chick, at some point I think there will be some sort of “I have no idea what happened” defense, the same one Peterson tried in the beginning, but it will fall on deaf ears, too. WTF is he getting a new trial for?

      • Supposedly there was juror misconduct. One of the jurors failed to disclose information about having been beaten by an ex while pregnant in the past. Evidently this time the prosecutors won’t seek the death penalty. What a load of shite. This took 15 years? I seriously doubt if he’s found innocent his life will be worth much if he hits the streets. Call it a hunch.

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