5 thoughts on “How to measure things like a Brit”

  1. Ooh, ooh, do one for that country in the middle of America, the one with the so called united states that are anything but.
    I think it would be mph, miles, F word, pounds and then fluid ounces, pints, gallons, quarters swimming pools, olympic swimming pools, seas.

  2. Unlike pipsqueak countries like New Zealand the US doesn’t have to heel to bullies or go along to get along.
    At least this post is one of the ones I can see.

  3. Ask a Brit about the fuel economy of their car, and they’ll respond in one of two ways:
    • Miles per Gallon (as was used when petrol was dispensed in gallons)
    • Liters per 100km (as is used in Europe.)

    The roads and odometers are measured in miles.
    The fuel is dispensed in Litres

    • miles per liter would require no conversion
    • liters per hundred miles would require no conversion.

    It would seem that the compulsion to not mix measurement systems outweighs the inconvenience of continuous need to perform metric/imperial conversions

    Of course this is a nation where half-inch diameter copper water pipe is the same as 15mm diameter copper water pipe . . .


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