Friday Firesmith – The Plague of 2021

Back in 2006 I was dating a woman who was a nurse, and that was my first insight that the job was more hellish than most people thought, even back then. I was a blood donor and had been since I was able to donate. Every time the Red Cross sent me a notice I was sticking my arm out to be stuck. Most of the people I worked with would donate, too. At one point management put us in shifts so the office wouldn’t be empty.

Giving blood wasn’t something that we were being paid to do, or that we thought would benefit us in some way, no, it was an easy way to help other people who really needed the blood, so everyone was happy to give.

In 2006, the Red Cross sent me a letter saying that I had come down positive for what they called a “NAT Test” which mean my blood had tested positive for one of the antibodies found in HIV. A retest came back negative. But because the first test was positive, from that point until the day I died, I could never give blood again. My nurse friend was overly cautious, as you can well imagine. I was tested for AIDS once a month for six months, and each test was negative. I get tested once a year on my annual checkup, too. Nothing but negative tests. But I keep getting tested.

But let’s go back even further in time. Before anyone could go to a public school they had to have a series of vaccinations. measles, whooping cough, and a host of other diseases were still around and still making people sick. I had a smallpox vaccination as a child. I had another when I joined the Army, which is an organization which believes in people getting shots. The biggest fear the military has is a plague running unchecked through the ranks. Once, and not very long ago either, a soldier was more likely to die of illness than war wounds.

Here we are in the present day. Not only are people not wearing masks, not getting the vaccine, and not doing everything they can to help others, but they are deliberately doing the exact opposite. They are also taking unproven and dangerous medications, simply because they heard someone say it might work.

Cattle dewormer is the latest fad in the anti-vaccination crowd, and it’s gotten to the point of absurdity. Even as I write this there are college football games being played with packed audiences, hundreds of thousands of people, as if there isn’t a plague raging across America.

Some of what is happening is driven by the Greedists, who put money above all other considerations. Some of it is driven by people who view every action in their lives as a political statement, and no matter the consequences, they will vote with their actions right down the party lines. Some of this is driven by people who simply do not have the wherewithal to understand science, and that’s a debate to be had about the American public school system.

But the end result is we’ve stopped caring about one another. We’ve stopped putting America first. We’re so wrapped up in what we want, what feels good for us, the individual, that the whole nation can suffer if it makes each one of us feel good.

AIDS, by the way, got out of hand for the very same reasons, among the infected, who refused to care, or be careful.

There are lessons to be learned from other plagues, but we refuse to learn them.
Take Care,

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  1. You are very well educated in many ways, but so are a lot of us that read your columns. You have taken the advice of many “experts” who say the ‘vaccine’ is safe while I have read and heed the advice of other “experts” who say the vaxx is maiming and killing many people. I also take the “cattle dewormer” and have not contracted the virus nor any side effects.
    I can appreciate your reasoning, so can you accept mine, that I don’t want to get stuck with an unproven “vaccine” that is causing death in some cases and heart problems, etc in others? Consider it….

    • the Vaccine does not prevent you from getting covid. It helps to teach your body how to fight an infection once you have it. It means that if you get Covid you will recover faster because you have antibodies that are able to attack the virus cells trying to spread through your system. You may even recover so quickly that you never even know you were infected.

      Ivermectin is not a preventative medicine either; even if it did work (which has not been demonstrated in any clinical trial) it is not going to prevent infection and would only be used to treat an infection after you had one. – Taking it when you are not infected has absolutely nothing to do with “not contracting the virus”. further it is an antiparasitic – it attacks ‘parasites’ not virus’. It is entirely the wrong type of medicine to deal with Covid and clinical trials have repeatedly shown that Ivermectin is not effective at preventing or treating the virus.

    • further the vaccine has been proven – over 90% of the people hospitalized and over 99% of the people currently in the ICU with covid are UNVACCINATED. – That is pretty clear evidence that the vaccine works. Millions of people have been vaccinated and there have been very few serious side effects. It’s certainly possible to cherry pick a few individual cases where someone had complications but the vast majority of people getting vaccinated have no major side effects at all.

  2. Reasons to not get vaccinated and/or wear a mask with rebuttal:

    Reason: Freedom
    Rebut: There is a phrase that follows that word, it is “freedom requires sacrifice” and means you sacrifice your own comfort to defend everyone’s freedom, not that you sacrifice everyone to ensure your own comfort.

    Reason: You question what’s in vaccine.
    Rebut: You don’t know what’s in Tylenol, Sudafed, or Tums but you pop them all the time. Hell, you don’t know what’s in a box of instant potatoes and you still eat them. But suddenly you’re an expert on messenger ribonucleic acid and spike protein shedding.

    Reason: It’s all a conspiracy to inject us.
    Rebut: Everything is a conspiracy when you don’t know how anything works.

    Reason: It’s a hoax. You won’t hear about it after the election.
    Rebut: The election is over, yet the virus is still here.

    Reason: I’ll listen to non-science sources and take their remedies.
    Rebut: Those that have have either died or were hospitalized, mostly under the condition of being poisoned.

    Reason: I have sources that enforce my beliefs.
    Rebut: Odds are those sources have been vaccinated. If not, some of them have already died due to Covid.

    Reason: My governor agrees with me.
    Rebut: Perhaps, but maybe they know that each elderly or poor person that dies prevents the state from paying $300k in social security cash benefits over 15 years. Medical is even more.

    Do you really believe they haven’t done the math?

    Covid is a budget windfall for red state governors.

    Not saying that’s the reason, just saying’.

    Reason: Covid is no big deal.
    Rebut: If you truly believe that, if you show signs of it, please stay home to get better and save ICU beds for those who truly believe that medicine and science will help them.

    Reason: I don’t know the long term effects of the vaccine.
    Rebut: Your kitchen is on fire. You could use that handy fire extinguisher, but do you really know the long term effects of using it is?

    Reason: The government can’t tell me what to do.
    Rebut: There are rules in society that you follow all the time. Rules that our government put in place for the safety of all. Remember that the next time you drive up to an intersection with a traffic light. Or at the very least, recall your childhood vaccinations in order to attend school.

    Reason: Masks don’t prevent Covid.
    Rebut: The mask isn’t about Covid, it’s about defending the government from tracking us. Wearing a mask blocks it from the technology of facial recognition software so the government can’t follow us. It’s true, I saw it on Facebook.

  3. I have to agree with you Mike, we have become a “ME” society versus a “WE” society. I can’t pinpoint when it happened but it did.

    Hopefully it can be reversed but I’m afraid it will be a few generations before it happens and by then we, as in humans, may not exist.

    • It happened in the 80s, under Reagan, who stopped enforcing the anti-trust act. Small radio stations got bought up and were changed to opinion radio, where the key message was “grievance”. They spend much of their time telling listeners why their lives are miserable and who to blame. Know who owns these stations? Big corporations. Know who they never blame? Big corporations. Plus in order to get people on their side, they also promoted that government was bad and to only trust yourself to take of yourself.

    • “The “Me” generation in the United States is a term referring to the baby boomer generation and the self-involved qualities that some people associated with it. The baby boomers (Americans born during the 1946 to 1964 baby boom) were dubbed the “Me” generation by writer Tom Wolfe during the 1970s”. Here’s the article.

  4. Look, I’m vaccinated. My family is vaccinated. This whole thing is political and is just another reason for others to hate on others.

    It’s none of my business what other people are doing.


  5. We’ve got the same problem in the UK.
    I hear people say “Not for me, people have died after having the vaccine.”
    True, they have.
    But very, very few compared with how many died because they didn’t have it.

  6. This reminds me of:

    An engineer and an anti-vaxxer walk up to a bridge. The bridge is the only crossing over a notoriously crocodile-infested river, so the two prepare to cross. Just before they set foot on the bridge the anti-vaxxer halts the engineer. “How safe is it to cross this bridge exactly?” he asks. “99.97%,” the engineer replies confidently. The anti-vaxxer thinks for a moment before turning around. “Guess I’m swimming then.”

  7. I’m vaccinated, and on board to get my booster shot as well. I just got my flu shot today also. I made sure my parents got their vaccinations when they came out, and will get their boosters too. I work for my local health department, we are kept current on every type of vaccine there is. I for one am happy to oblige.
    Another argument I hear is that “they” will inject you with a chip to track you. That literally makes me laugh out loud for more than one reason. I live in a community where there are many retired military people. If you were in the military, and “they” wanted to keep track of you. “they” already know your whereabouts. If you wren’t in the military and “they” want to know where you are, “they” already do. Especially since you are having most of your conspiracy theory based arguments on a hand held computer that relies on a Wi-Fi signal. Or a computer with an IP address. Also if you pay taxes, and I’m presuming all these good law-abiding citizens do, or have a bank account, that isn’t offshore and untraceable, “they” know your location.
    Also, how big a narcissist are you? Who in the Hell really cares where you are or what you are up to? If you aren’t doing anything like starting an insurrection, why would you be concerned if “they” know where you are? I guess all these good citizens have a hideaway in the mountains and live off the grid.

    The absolute lack of grey matter.

  8. Emmette, the vaccine has been proven. If you don’t believe me, ask your local hospital who is getting sick and who is dying. People with the vaccine aren’t dying at anywhere near the rates that people without it are.

  9. According to the CDC, unless you have some co-morbidity (like age and/or obesity), you have a very good chance at surviving the coronavirus:

    Scroll down to Table 1 for a good summary.

    Also, I have seen highlights from an article describing a study in Israel that if you have recovered from the coronavirus, you are better protected than if you are only vaccinated. I am sorry, don’t have a link.

    I also do not take most articles at face value but do read various articles. Take, for instance, the use of animal “de-wormer” to treat those sick with coronavirus; heck, even Wikipedia helps out to teach that Ivermectin was a human medicine before it became an animal medicine.

    There are some studies out there that show some promise of helping those suffering with the coronavirus with Ivermectin:

    But I would suggest to anyone not allergic to the vaccine and have no religious reason to not take it, then take the vaccine. If you have had the coronavirus, then ask your physician for advice.

  10. Survival is not the larger issue. Overwhelming hospitals is and always has been. People with treatable conditions are being denied ICU rooms because covidiots are senselessly filling them up. That’s what “bending the curve” is all about.
    Getting Covid might offer some natural protection or immunity from reinfection with the virus that causes Covid . But it’s not clear how long this protection lasts. Because reinfection is possible and Covid can cause severe medical complications, it’s recommended that people who have already had Covid get a vaccine. So, sure you may die if you’ve already had it, but you increase your odds of a lesser sickness if you also get vaccinated.

    Ivermectin needs to be administered within a small window of being diagnosed. Unfortunately, most people either wait to long or hospitals are so full, they turn people away telling them to come back only if conditions worsen–which is usually to late. The other downside is, is the that Ivermection is $1500+ a session, while the vaccine is free. For those who proclaim, “Free? Well you get what you pay for!” It was your tax dollars that paid for it.


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