2 thoughts on “Southern Translations”

  1. Y’all is the second person plural. It is used when more than one person is being addressed, “All y’all” is used to emphasize what being said.
    “It’s time for y’all to go home” means it’s time to go home.
    “It’s time for all y’all to go home” means leave now if you know what’s good for you;

    And ‘I reckon” doesn’t mean “I guess”, it means “I think” If I say “I reckon you’re an idiot” I am saying I think you are an idiot, not guessing you are an idiot.

    “Fixin’ to” is better interpreted as “preparing” If you say “I’m fixin’ to whup your ass!” you are not saying you are going to whip their ass, but that you are prepared to do so if they don’t skedaddle away right now.

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