9 thoughts on “Y’all talk funny across the pond”

    • I once read that current American English is closer to Colonial English than British English is. Basically, the British language evolved more. But maybe, we Americans are a just bunch of backwoods yokels.

  1. “Silverware”? Other than in ads for fancy place settings, I don’t think I’ve heard too many refer to cutlery as silverware. Are there areas in N. America where that term is used more often?

      • Same here. And for camping or a picnic, we bring ‘plastic silverware’ or ‘disposable silverware’. I rarely hear cutlery.

  2. Jacket potato?
    I’ve lived in the UK for over 80 years and have never heard them called anything other than baked.
    Except by some Americans, who called then oven potatoes.

    As for American English, it seems to be degenerating into gibberish. I came across “Ima ight finna summink” recently, and thought it was one of the Scandinadian languages.

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