2 thoughts on “Whoa Black Betty”

  1. Ok. ‘Whoa whoa Black Betty, bam a lam’ is the opening lyric to the song Black Betty.
    With that in mind, look at the picture again and you’ll see the two people’s names are Randell and Lamb, and those names, sung along with whoa Black Betty, sound similar to the actual lyrics, which are ‘bam a lam’.
    Sometimes I see memes written by, say, someone in the U.S.A. and I don’t get the joke or connection. This is not because I am stupid but simply because I live in a different country with a slightly different culture or, sometimes, the alluded to topic is either unknown to me or simply I don’t get it at the time.
    The same may apply to you, don’t feel bad, we all miss somethings sometimes.
    In this case you may not have been riding in the car next to me back in the days when F.M. radio was still fresh and the song by Ram Jam came on.
    You also may just be of an age whereas you were working to pay rent for you and your family and had no time for music.
    Anyhow TL/DR, Black Betty had a child and it went wild.

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