Weekend Open Mic

Weather: After a pretty hot week the coming week will cool off a bit which is unusual for the first week of August.

The week: Not much planned except we’re getting ready for our annual mud volleyball tournament which is next Saturday. I don’t do as much as I used to do with it but I still do a lot of prep stuff.

TV: We finished watching Lupin (Netflix) Friday night. Still have some episodes of Heist (Netflix), and haven’t started the second season of Ted Lasso (Apple+) yet, but hopefully we will this week. I do want to mention a series we watched that we really enjoyed, The Movies That Made Us (Netflix) which takes 8 big box office films and tells the story of how they got made and almost not made in some cases. It was very interesting and they found a way to put some humor into the series. Very interesting.

Websites: I’ve had a small number of readers that have been having some images not show up. I’ve been messing with some plugins to see if there is a conflict when I have time. It’s hard for me to troubleshoot it because the images show up for me.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

6 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. Why do you need a plugin to show an image on a web page? Isn’t that dead simple, standards compliant, works in every browser ever HTML?

    • The plugin doesn’t “show” the image. Plugins are used for various other necessary things, like security utilities and other utilities that make the site easier to run for me.

      • when i checked earlier this week when you turned off jetpack the site url where the images wwre being called from changed from (i think it was I1.wp.com?l to a bitsandpieces.us link (that i1.wp.com probably just a virtual host on the same server that the plugin uses). but i don’t think that was the reason they displayed afterwards. the image url itself wasn’t being blocked when i loaded it directly. it was only being blocked when called thru those javascript files that were flagged.by malwarebytes (both of which were from the jetpack plugin)

  2. i have already mentioned this to Jon but i know malwarebytes (web protect) has been blocking a lot more images over the past week and a half or so, what we don’t know is if it is due to the latest update to malwarebytes or an update to a plugin on the site (both were updated aroind the same time). I did see when Jon stopped using that plugin for testing the images were no longer being blocked. (i had both bitsandpieces.us and the image hosting site whitelisted but malwarebytes seems to be blocking some of those java scripts from wp.com used by the plugins)


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