7 thoughts on “No faster way to spread the word of God…”

  1. That IS a very pretty car, its almost like god himself designed it.
    I do laugh at the stupidity of some people, believing that ‘their’ god is male, white and handsome in a Sean Connery sort of way.
    Then I laugh some more when I realise how many people believe in one god or another.
    But I laugh most when I see people being conned into giving their money away in ‘the name of god’ when god, should he/she/it exist, has no need of money and can make a tsunami happen at any time, killing .. how many was it in 2004 ? 249,000 ?
    I went to a Catholic school, had monks teaching me, they did well, I became a critical thinker.

  2. Some one needs to take these scummy scamvangelists down! How many elderly folks give up their hard-earned money so this creep can buy a Ferrari? UGH!

  3. Osteens associate pastor has recently bought a Lamborgini for his wife. Osteen has been seen on his megayacht and his personal Airbus worth approximately $86,000,000


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