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  1. since your map here shows The “Highway to Hell”:

    in Jerusalem; about half a mile from the old temple site is a valley known as “the valley of Ben Hinnom” – aka “Gehenna”;

    “Gehenna” is a word used multiple times in the original texts of the “new testament” of the bible and that word is translated as “hell” in most modern English translations. The word itself refers specifically to that valley; a place considered “cursed” as it was alleged to be the site of many child sacrifices back in the ~3 Century BCE. Church tradition claims that this word “Gehenna” was used as a “metaphor” for “hell” (although there is little evidence that this word was used as a “metaphor” prior to the ~5th Century CE it is translated as such (Latin “Infernum”) as early as the 5th Century).

    regardless Gehenna is an actual place; and there is a road running through it named “Gey Ben Hinom Street” – I call that the “Highway to Hell”.

    Fun Fact: on December 13; 2013 between 40-70cm (16-19 inches) of snow fell on Jerusalem (as seen in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RuhXbspXjQ ) so there could have been some pretty epic snowball fights in hell that day…

    • no sign of the levee, the marakesh express, southhampton docks, the last train to clarksville, ventura highway or the scarborough fair

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