3 thoughts on “Gold vs. Silver”

  1. this image doesn’t seem right.

    the current spot price of silver is $25.75 per ounce and it appears your image is showing 3 100 oz silver bars; 300 oz of silver would be worth ~$7,725

    I can’t make out the wording on that gold bar but it looks to be around 1 oz (hard to be certain from that photo) the current spot price of gold is $1,814. so to be ~equal to the value of 300oz of silver you would need ~4.25oz of gold.

    • (note of course that market prices fluctuate and it’s pretty rare for normal people to actually find precious metal at ‘spot prices’ but that is the market value use by bullion traders)

    • I think it says “100g” (3.5oz) which will get you closer to the right math, especially considering market fluctuation.

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