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  1. Yes and no…

    “Sun,” “Moon,” and “Saturn” are not Norse names for planets. Sun and Moon come from Middle English, and of course Saturn is Roman.

    So Sunday, Monday, and Saturday are unrelated to Norse mythology

    Norse gods Tyr, Odin are represented by their English/Germanic and Anglo-Saxon/Teutonic counterparts, Tiu and Woden.

    So Tuesday and Wednesday are related to Norse mythology, although using the Old English names for those gods (not the old Norse names).

    Norse gods Thor and Freya are directly represented

    So Thursday and Friday are taken directly from Norse.

    Whether any of these gods are also names for planets, I don’t know.


  2. This interestingly is the same in other languages. In Italian, for instance, with some peculiar things
    sunday is Domenica (Day of the “Dominus”, i.e. Day of the Lord)
    monday is Lunedì Day of the Luna (Moon).
    Tuesday is Martedì Day of Marte (Mars)
    Wednesday is Mercoledì Day of Mercurio (Mercury)
    Thursday is Giovedì Day of Giove (Jupiter)
    Friday is Venerdì Dai of Venere (Venus)
    and Saturday is Sabato Day of the Sabba (from the Pagan concept of day without work, I recall)

    I also notice that in Italy we typically start the week count from Monday, different than US where the week count, I reckon starts from Sunday….

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