Shameless Plug Sunday

From time to time we open up the B&P Shameless Plug Line, where you can plug your own website or just a site you want to help promote.

Tell us about your site in a couple of lines in a comment and give us a link.

 Limit to 2 links please for those with multiple sites and no R or XXX adult stuff.  Other rules and disclaimers here.

What’s your shameless plug?

10 thoughts on “Shameless Plug Sunday”

    • Are you limiting your marketing to just the RV segment?

      What about sticking it to a whiteboard (or conference room window) in an office as a phone / tablet / laptop mount?

      What about a dashcam mount on the inside of a windshield?

      What about a GoPro mount for a car fender for people who are into that kind of thing? Or to mount a camera on a surfboard, or a boat hull, or a football helmet…

      RV seems like such a limited application.

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