1 thought on “Teen Parenting 101”

  1. As a young teenager I used to sneak into my father’s room after he was asleep and ‘borrow’ his car keys so I could go out late at night.
    I had got a copy cut so when he found out (milage on the speedo) and started taking the rotor out of the distributor I already had a spare.
    I was a bit of a handful as a young fella.
    When my kids got to be 13/14 I taught them to drive and bought them a car (this is back in the late 1980s in New Zealand well before the importation of used Japanese cars, so it was a Morris Marina !)
    I didn’t want my kids going out with any stress and deception like I HAD TO ENDURE !
    P.S. My youngest son, coming along as those ones do sometimes, as a surprise, well, at 14 in 2003, he was taught to drive by me putting him all by himself, in my Mazda RX7, the one they called the Batmobile, and saying ‘go learn’.
    The kids usually work out alright.

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