Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Looks like a fairly mild week coming up after a bit of rain on Saturday. Not bad at all for April.

The week: We’re going to dinner with friends on Saturday. Not much else planned for the weekend.
My wife gets her other knee replaced on Wednesday so it should be a rough few days after that. Hopefully, by next weekend she’ll start feeling a little better and we’ll see small improvements every day.

TV: Still watching the same shows: Billions (Prime), City On A Hill (Showtime), and a bit of Outlander (Netflix). The series finale of Shameless airs Sunday night. It had a couple of questionable seasons and a couple of characters I didn’t care for but overall I’m glad I watched it from day one. We’re still watching This Is Us (NBC), A Million Little Things (ABC) and a couple of other shows.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?


1 thought on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. I enjoyed the British Shameless, I haven’t tried the American one. I’m still watching Supernatural again, it will always be one of my favorite shows.
    I have a vet appointment this morning, just for a re-check. Chaos had an ear infection and some bad allergies, she has some skin issues. We go through this every spring.
    I get to call the AC guy this week. I’ve been limping my AC unit along for 5 years, my guy has been so good about getting it up and running, this my be the year I need to replace it. Booo! I guess this is a better time than any, since everyone got a stimulus check and all. I hope he remembers that I’m a frequent flyer!!


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