B&P Turns 19

It was 19 years ago today (March 31, 2002) that Bits and Pieces was born with a single post. Miss Cellania left the first comment. B&P was started over on Blogger and after a little while, I moved it to a self-hosted WordPress site where it still resides to this day. 

A couple of years after that people were urging me to monetize the site with ads.  It was getting more and more expensive to keep the site going.  Domain costs, hosting costs, security costs, blogging-utilities costs keep rising so the need is there for revenue.  We changed hosts last year and the new host is several times more expensive than the previous host but I have no doubt that it was the right move and is worth the cost.  While the ads help we depend on the generosity of the readers and their donations to stay afloat. 

B&P has been a big part of my life for these 19 years. It’s been a labor of love. While B&P isn’t as popular as it once was it still gets over 2.27 million page views a year. We’ve had some ups and downs over these years, the worst of which was a hack in 2010 that caused the loss of two or three years worth of posts.

Thank you! I’ve met a lot of really nice people both online and in person who I consider good friends if not like family members. Thank you for stopping by, whether you do it daily, weekly, or just every now and then.  A special thanks to those who comment for I think you’re the lifeblood of B&P. I don’t think the site would still be here without your input.  Thanks to my fellow bloggers whom I “borrow” from and to those readers who send me things to post.  I don’t know how long we’ll continue here, but I’ve got to see if we can make it to 20 years.

I still love doing this and having people from across the globe be part of our little world-wide neighborhood.  Thank you!