3 thoughts on “Streetcars of St. Louis”

  1. I remember when I was a kid, we had electric buses. Looking up at the sky on any given main street, the sky was obscured by miles of wires and cables. Years later, when they were doing some road repair or maintenance, they dug thru the asphalt and about a foot down from the top layer of asphalt were the tracks for the cable cars that preceded the electric buses.

    It was strange to see that because it was a relatively new neighborhood when I moved there, so I was surprised to know that the cable cars had run all the way to my parts of the city.

    As in the video, I remember the sparking from the trolley connectors along the cables…and the gym shoes often thrown up there.

  2. I remember buses that ran on rubber tires with the electric pickup from overhead wires and the sparking involved. My gramma and her friends, who remembered the streetcars, called those electric buses ‘trackless trolleys’. I remember that those buses obviously couldn’t leave their route.

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