4 thoughts on “Password hacker speed test”

  1. And yet, my password, 14 characters long with (upper & lower) letters and numbers, gets rated weak and unacceptable by my new internet charger/provider.
    9 million years FFS.

  2. Scaremongering at its finest and not surprised at all that a site with that name would try to mislead people like this.

    To brute force the password that fast they have to have access to the password hash.

    If they have the password hash – they have ALREADY compromised the system that password is used to access. Your password is already considered compromised and the provider (assuming they find out about it) is going to force you to change your password anyway. (As an aside, this is the reason why you should never use the same password everywhere.)

    So – yes. If the site has ALREADY been hacked, they can hack some more. /yawn

  3. Brute force can only be successful if you let them try unlimited times and/or speed. Make them wait five minutes after the third wrong input or allow only one try per minute -> problem nearly solved.

  4. This also doesn’t mention consecutive/redundant number/letters, or using things that are familiar. Be surprised how many people use Abcd1234 type of stuff, which would be much easier than H3ckle3&J3ckl3

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