4 thoughts on “Heart Attacks”

  1. Sick country.
    My kid’s dad had a heart attack, ended up with a by-pass operation, total cost – nothing, and the government paid a living wage while he recuperated.
    New Zealand, a socialist country ? Don’t know, but it is probably the best country to live in, and they don’t fly their flag on near every household and business, far too secure in who they are.

  2. When I go the doc for my blood pressure meds they take some blood for the lab stuff When I had insurance it was 526 I pay cash now its 160 , that is the problem is price gouging

  3. As long as the US is neither willing nor able to install affordable health insurance for every citizen some people will go bankrupt or be left untreated. Outrageous rip off prices must be eliminated as well.
    Almost every first and even second world country can do it way better…

  4. My father had triple bypass surgery. Plus recovery time. The cost was zero. I seriously don’t know how Americans can function. If I had those kinds of medical bills hanging over my head all the time I’d go nuts.

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