Friday Firesmith – Sweat and Alcohol

Generally speaking, my go to solution to stressful times falls into one of two categories; alcohol or sweat. I started drinking too much after I retired, and while that wasn’t what landed me in the hospital with diverticulitis, it likely didn’t help anything. After getting out of the hospital I went back to work, knowing whatever I was stupid enough to do, drinking on a construction project would never be on the list.

The plague kept me from going to a gym, kept me out of Yoga classes, and kept me from finding a way to work out the way I really need to, except in the yard, which isn’t a bad work out. The stress going on right now is greater than my fear of the plague, so away I went, and I joined a gym.

It’s a huge spacious thing, with high ceilings and an enormous open space. I’m not sure about their marketing strategy, because to pay for this thing they’ve got to get a hell of lot of people in that building, but it may work. I’ve had both my plague shots, ought to be fairly safe, so in I went, and away with sloth and alcohol.

My first Yoga class was both painful and embarrassing. I have more work to do than I thought I did. Positions that once came easy are now impossible. There’s another class today, and I’m going in for more punishment.

I put five miles on a treadmill listening to Yes, and Taylor Swift. It was a slow affair, no more than a fast walk, but I needed to put myself in motion for a while, to walk the way I once could, for periods of time that made a difference. I miss walking for long periods of time in the woods and on the road. I miss being in shape.

Things here at home are like being in a wind tunnel with an Exlax experiment going on above, with outhouses lined up to dump through the ceiling. I can honestly say that what is happening in my life right now confounds me. I have no answers because there are none. I have no solutions because there are none. I am not doing the right thing because there is nothing to do that will make a difference.

I get into a groove on a treadmill, or in a Yoga class, and for an hour, or even more, there’s music and pain and a box where the outside doesn’t exist for a while.

Outside again, I do the things I have to do, and hope they make a difference, and I hope that when all of this is over, I don’t have to lift a lot of regrets from my heart or soul. This is the long haul of adulting, the thing you can’t prepare for, the stretch of road where any breakdown will put you in the middle of nowhere without a spare.

After a certain period of time with nothing but bad news, the reality of the situation sinks in, and you stop thinking there will be a positive outcome.

Take Care,

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21 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – Sweat and Alcohol”

  1. A wise choice your body will thank you ,I havent been in a year because of the rona stuff I hope to start back at the end of the month it really does make a big difference

    • Barry, to have survived the plague and have to deal with this is just too much, really. Of course, I haven’t survived the plague quite yet, but I am still alive.

  2. The internet said I’ll die Oct 4th, 2021. Maybe, and maybe I’ll hang around another year or two. The only thing I’m sure of is it won’t be that long.
    With the end just around the corner, why should I inflict pain and humiliation on myself with running and Yoga and exercises?

  3. I’ve been around long enough to know that it passes. I know this last year has been particularly and unusually rough, but the world has lived through plagues before. I pray that God will bless you with a sign that things will get better.
    YOU ARE AWESOME FOR CHOOSING EXERCISE OVER ALCOHOL! That is an amazing choice you’ve made and you should be proud!
    xoxoxoBruce – if that’s not the right choice for you, that’s OK.
    Love and blessings to you all!

  4. I hesitate to say things have to get better because they can’t get any worse, because yes, they can get worse. But I’m here to tell you there are safer rides on the horizon for you after this run away stage coach, I promise. I’ve been there and I came through.

    • Ah, good point, he owes it to the dogs to be able to provide for them. The ones that have gone over the rainbow bridge will wait to lick his face.

    • Marx, thank you, and it is true, there are people in life unable to do the things I can do in these times. I have free time, I have resources, and I navigate the medical system fairly well. I know it’s okay to piss doctors off, just don’t make the nurses mad.

  5. Mike, I know saying this won’t really mean anything or help, but at least you have all these people that have commented that (mostly) care about you and your well being. So, congratulations! As far as I am concerned you win at life. Good luck.

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