3 thoughts on “The World Changer”

  1. Darn my socks, I wish I did drugs !
    Imagine being a dog, … or a human, and riding an elevator (a thing which elevates you that is not coffee) and every floor the door opens on has a different scene/decor … such as floor 1 is a Kiplingesque jungle scene, with howler monkees as the soundtrack (David Jones where are you in a Where’s Wally sort of way) and the verdant green of life without limits.
    Floor three is an arid desert with huge dunes and a Mitsubishi Mirage way over there.
    Floor four is space, literally, and houses the head office of a star tup vacuum cleaner company.
    Floor 5 is a dog park, in autumn, with a stick library.
    Floor 6 is a library with a dog sitting service, but the books only go as far alphabetically as Gee !
    Floor 7 is a harem with sultry women aplenty, and where I get off.
    Floor 8 is a local body height rule violation and hence does not exist.
    Floor two (you thought I’d forgot) is a facsimile of my lounge room, complete with proof of my life’s disarray and my poor furnishing choice of a cold leather sofa, … replete with last night’s empty wine bottles leaving testimony to my solitary existence and sub-depressive state … but all in all a welcoming place for a dog with nice ears.
    All dogs have nice ears.
    I really need a dog.

  2. My dog, Buffy, would spread her legs out around her body whenever she was in an elevator, and she would stiffen up and be on hyper-alert. Not sure what she was hoping to accomplish. She didn’t brace out like that in the moving car or camper, and she wasn’t focused on what might appear when the door opened. Neighbors here in the condo would notice and laugh at her.

  3. My Bella spreads her legs on the steps to a bridge and stiffens up. It takes ages to even go up one side. On the top part of the bridge, she is ok. Also, she is ok on the stairs at home. Weird dog!


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