13 thoughts on “That’s a big OOPS!”

  1. The woman in the high centre of gravity vehicle …. she looked, saw the truck moving and thought ‘ yeah, nah, I ain’t gonna even try’, and hopped in her car and started laughing.

  2. Flashback – Many years ago I arrived on a service call on a residential street that had a steep incline on the right side side. I pulled up the inclined drive on the right and walked around to the back of the house to ring the back doorbell. While I was standing there I heard a crash. I ran back out to the drive and saw my van in the middle of the lawn on the other side of the street. The crash was when it jumped the curb and hit two empty metal garbage cans on the tree lawn before it stopped. Nobody was home at either house – the one I had stopped at or the one across the street, so I drove the mile or so to the hardware store, bought two new cans, went back, put the new ones on the tree lawn, put the crushed ones in my van, took them home way across town and put them in my own rubbish cans.
    This was all way before Ring doorbells and home surveillance cameras. I was lucky no one was driving by or parked right there or it would have cost me a lot more than $25.

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