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  1. I was telling a young lad I work with today, I’ve had a lot of New Years in my time, I think I am fine with skipping this one. He said he’s getting shortchanged because he hasn’t experienced that many New Years yet.

    Here I am,thinking is this another case of the younger crowd saying they want the payoff before they put in the effort. We get plenty of guys who won’t work hard until they get a raise. I grew up thinking you work hard, then you get the raise.

    What I actually told him was, when he’s my age, he will have a hell of a story to tell his kids and grandkids. The times you live in, no matter how bad they are, are history to your descendants. This I learned from talking to many previous generations of my family.

    My friends, my B&P friends, I seriously hope the new year brings you fortune. I hope the calamity of the last year doesn’t carry over. I’ve had people call me a pessimist, I’m certainly not an optimist. I consider myself a… uh… realist? I hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    That being said, seeing how the virus spiked after Thanksgiving, knowing people are gathering for Christmas and New Years. And now we have a new novel coronavirus? Literally just read Florida has become the third state to identify the new variant.

    Be safe. And even if you don’t believe the media hoopla, think about those who you may affect if you are wrong. Use common sense. Assume the virus is real. I didn’t think it was, but I’ve seen at least twenty guys on my jobsite go down within the last few weeks. I came in contact with them, have tested negative 8 times, at $175 a pop. Damn good thing the company is paying for it.

    Good fortune my friends. Special shoutout to Jon and Pat and Buster. To Jon for keeping us amused with this blog, to Pat for putting up with Jon when he was blogging instead of cooking dinner, to Buster for not crapping on the carpet.

    12:00 Midnight my time. Happy New Year!!!

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