4 thoughts on “Atelier des Lumières – Van Gogh, Starry Night”

  1. They missed an opportunity not using this in “Vincent and the Doctor”, one of the most wonderful episodes of Doctor Who I’ve ever seen. In the below scene, the Doctor and Amy bring Vincent back to modern times to show him his legacy.

      • Some serious history behind this show. Started in 1963 on BBC and was very progressive for it’s time. The series ran for a couple decades, and after an unsuccessful attempt to bring it back it the late ’90s it was finally relaunched in 2005. This is where anyone new to the series should pick it up. Here’s an article on how best to watch the new series. I don’t know of anywhere it can currently be streamed for free. Here’s a fairly recent article on where to find it.

        The gist of the show is the Doctor is a benevolent, human looking alien who can travel anywhere through space and time. He, now she*, always travels with human companions, and there have been real tear jerkers through the years when some of these companions went away. The companions frequently serve to keep the Doctor grounded. The Doctor has an affinity for Earth which is why so many of the stories take place here and deal with human history.

        * When the original actor who played the doctor became too old for the part and had to be replaced the producers came up with a novel idea, if the Doctor is mortally wounded he regenerates a new body. Same Doctor, new face. The newest Doctor is a woman. There was an excellent docudrama in 2013 called “An Adventure in Space and Time” that delved into the creation of the show, ending the decision to remove WIliam Hartnell, the first actor. it was sooo sad.

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