B&P Problems

Apparently, some posts aren’t showing up for several hours and then a bunch will show up all at once. They’re supposed to be spread out about an hour apart. I think it is a plugin related problem but I’m not sure. Plugins are being updated fairly often and that has a tendency to muck things up for other plugins on occasion. The posts are showing up in a timely manner for me but apparently not for everyone else which makes it hard for me to troubleshoot the problem.

So for the time being I’ll be deactivating some plugins including the Like Button plugin. You also might see Test Posts pop up from time to time.

5 thoughts on “B&P Problems”

  1. Probably shows fine for logged in people (like you), and not fine for the rest of us.
    You can probably test it yourself by browsing in an anonymous window.

    • That seems to be the case right now, but I can swear I tried that earlier and was not getting the same results then that I am now.

  2. I am not logged in to wordpress and I’ve been seeing the issue for a few days now. I noticed that when I first emailed you about it (at that time) there were at least 4-5 posts that I had seen emails about (new post from B&P) but they were not appearing on the website. I see this from several different devices (including my android phone, a kindle fire tablet and from 2 different computers) – When I emailed you it was only a few minutes before all those missing posts suddenly appeared and I think (perhaps) you had done ‘something’ that shook them loose. (perhaps they processed when you logged in to check?)

  3. I just saw 4 test posts (header only) and commented on the 4th one, wondering what they were. As soon as I clicked on Post Comment they all disappeared.

  4. I’ve been messing with it for a while today, posting Test posts and deleting them. I think it has to do with an Optimizing plugin (which I’ve deactivated) and probably not the Like plugin so I’ve reactivated it.
    The thing that is confusing me is that it’s also happening on Bits of Wisdom and that site doesn’t use the Optimizing plugin.

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