2 thoughts on “Brooke C & Moriah Formica – Barracuda”

  1. That was really good! I have seen Heart many times in their hay days, including my last concert with them at the Concord Pavillion in the late 80’s. Front row! These girls rock! Remember Scott, Howard, Bill, Steve and Greg!

    • I went to several Heart concerts too (6 times so far); They were playing Red Rocks in Denver the night after I arrived at Lowry (for Air Force Tech School); we were not supposed to leave the base for our first 2 weeks of tech school but I needed to get a rock fix after basic training and that was too big an invitation to ignore. Heart is one of my favorite acts to this day;

      I saw Greg Kinh quite a few times as well; one particularly memorable experience was seeing them in a small bar named “rumours” in Decatur Georgia, they were the only named act listed but after their first set an unannounced group named “38 special” took the stage and performed nearly 2 hours for a very surprised crowd.

      I was also fortunate to see several performances from an obscure local band from just down the road named “R.E.M.”… literally bought both of their first 2 albums directly from members of the band during performances at some local clubs in Buckhead before they became a huge name.

      Love this performance of Barracuda, Moriah Formica has some serious talent; you might also like her recording of “Crazy On You” as well; https://youtu.be/fnd0B5MArFY?t=94

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