2 thoughts on “A whale of a tale…”

  1. It continues to amaze me at the number of people who foolishly get too close to wildlife. Whether it is like the kayakers paddling around whales, or those in Yellowstone who try to take selfies with bison.

  2. I see it as the utmost stupidity, … swimming in the sea, for instance, that is where sharks find their food.
    I grew up in northern Queensland, before the box jellyfish invaded luckily, but the amount of times I came close to stepping on a stone fish is scary.
    Now I live in New Zealand (Jacinda country, lol) where there is only the occasional shark hunting the shores, but the west coast surf will eat you as quick as any taniwha (look it up) so I happily appear like a wuss by staying out of that wet stuff.

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