UFO Sightings in Hawaii

Thousands were mesmerized by a mysterious flurry of lights that appeared to float across Hawaiʻi’s evening sky on Saturday, October 24. Photos and videos of the string of lights flooded social media, leaving many to believe the sighting could be anything from a spaceship carrying extra terrestrials to a meteor shower.

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Institute for Astronomy Professor Richard Wainscoat believes onlookers witnessed the reentry of a spent rocket booster used to launch Venezualan satellite, Venesat-1, back in 2008. The used rocket has been circling Earth since the launch, slowly losing altitude due to friction with the tenuous atmosphere in low-Earth orbit. On Saturday, the booster made its final orbits.

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Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Looks like it’ll warm up a bit this coming week.

Clocks: As much as I hate adding another minute to this year it seems we must move the clocks back one hour tonight, or officially at 2 am tomorrow.

My week: This past week has been interesting as my wife had her left knee replaced last Friday. Last weekend was rough but we started seeing some improvement on Monday or Tuesday and then she was getting a little bit better each day. She still has a long way to full recovery but she heading down the right road now.

TV: We started watching Away (Netflix) about a mission to Mars.. Still keeping up with Fargo weekly and we’re watching The Connors (ABC), One Day At A Time (CBS) and This Is Us (NBC). I watched the new Borat movie (Netflix). It had a few very funny moments but not enough to make it worth watching. I was quite disappointed.

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