2 thoughts on “If you think you’re having a bad day…”

  1. Could you re-do it so the ute rolls away and smashes into a car that just turns into the alley ?

    Oh, ute is short for utility vehicle in New Zealand and Australia, in the USA they call them trucks, even though they call trucks trucks too.

    Not trucks too, as in two, but just trucks.

    Like a dealership that just sold trucks, called Just Trucks.

    Not Just Trucks and Utes.

    The coffee … far too strong.

    • Yeah, your coffee might be a tad too strong.

      Here in the USA, we typically call utes “SUV” – for Sport Utility Vehicle. We also sometimes call them 4WD (for four-wheel drive); rarely we call them trucks anymore–but it makes sense to, sense most SUVs were created from trucks when they started to become popular.

      The vehicle in the background that gets hit by the errant forklift is known as a truck–or a crew cab truck since it is a four-door truck.

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