5 thoughts on “Add another hour of 2020…”

  1. What the heck are you on about ?
    We moved our clocks forward about a month ago, back on September the 27th !
    My pet chickens didn’t care one iota, they kept to the same schedule.
    We turn the clocks back on April the fourth next year.
    Try and keep up.

      • Ha, yes, I know, I was just being a dick about USA internet users thinking that the web only goes to the edges of the contiguous USA and maybe Hawaiiii.
        ! It actually stretches, like a flaccid balloon or a well used condom, way over to the islands I live on, which are called New Zealand, even though there are very few Dutch people here … it was first discovered, and that means by a white fella, by a Dutch bloke called Abel Tasman, he called it New Zealand, the people who lived here before that, and still do, called it Aotearoa, (pronounced A.O. taya rower) but they have brown skin so nobody thought they mattered.
        Anyway, we truly moved our clocks around in September, although I cannot tell you which way … just know the light in the sky stays on until half past 8 in the evening now.
        Also when it is Tuesday here you are still on Monday.
        Again, try and keep up !
        Smiley face icon.

    • Funny! I had set an alarm for 2:30 this morning to give my wife a pain pill. I woke up at 3 am and realized the alarm hadn’t gone off at 2:30. So I gave her the pill then. A half-hour later I was just about back asleep when the alarm goes off and then it hit me what had happened. LOL

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