My Giant 12 Foot Printer

At right please behold my giant 12-foot inkjet printer. How do I know it’s a 12-foot printer, you ask?

I purchased a “12-Foot Skeleton” from Tom’s Halloween Shop from an ad on Facebook earlier this month, and it arrived today.

I’m amazed that it fit inside my mailbox. It was folded up and not stretched out like it is in this photo. Apparently, I could put a couple of 8 ft 4X4’s in my mailbox if I wanted to and still have room for my regular mail. Who knew?

The ad featured what looks like the same photo that Home Depot used for its 12 Foot Skeleton that sold for $299 and was out of stock. The “12-Foot Skeleton” I purchased was just over $20.

I’m so surprised that Tom’s Halloween Shop’s website seems to be down at the moment. I’m sure it will be up and running in no time.

Anbody know where I can get some Super Giant Paper for my Big Ass Printer?

My order confirmation is below.