Who knew this was possible?

Bravo, gentlemen, bravo!

3 thoughts on “Who knew this was possible?”

  1. Here in NZ the right leaning opposition took a thrashing at the polls, I think mainly because they thought it was their incumbent duty to bitch about everything the party in power was doing.
    It was their worst defeat in 50 years … they were blaming Covid/Corona for the trouncing, not realising that the people had had enough of the constant bickering and personality attacks.
    Our current prime minister is one of the most compassionate and communicative leaders ever and that certainly didn’t help them … just cast their leader in an extremely bad light.
    It is always best to be a caring considerate person, no matter what your job.

  2. Until we have remedy against members of Capitol Hill from other states, it barely matters who wins. We will continue to get what we get.

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