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  1. Sadly most of those statistics are wildly incorrect. For 100g of beef vs kidney beans the correct values would be:
    Protein: 22.1g vs 7.8g
    Fibre: 0 vs 1.5g (not 15g)
    Iron: 2.2g vs 2.4g
    Calcium: 5mg (not 16mg) vs 40mg (nowhere near 123mg)
    Magnesium: 25mg vs 35 mg (not 171mg)
    Cholesterol: 55mg vs 0
    But it failed to mention:
    Sodium: 60mg vs 5mg
    Potassium: 370mg vs 340mg
    Phosphorus: 170mg vs 140mg
    Calories: 115kCal vs 126kCal
    Sugars: 0 vs 1.4g
    Copper: 0.06mg vs 0.2mg
    Zinc: 4.5mg vs 0.7mg
    Vitamin B12: 2.2micrograms vs 0
    Vitamin C: 0 vs 1mg
    Vitamin D: 0.2micrograms vs 0
    The bottom line is that we need a varied diet if we are to eat well and live well.

  2. I am always stunned by the fact that that lovely smelling piece of meat on the BBQ was cut from an animal that eats just grass (at least, here in New Zealand).
    My pet rabbits, left to me to care for since my children stopped caring, bounce around the garden … eating grass.
    There really must be some serious nutrition in grass, cattle get massive, deer too, rabbits, sheep, goats …. if only there was some way to cut out the middle …animal …. and just eat grass.
    But sadly, no.
    Which is ok, the smell of beans on the BBQ is ok but does not compare to the smell of some bovine muscle.
    We are just entering BBQ season here in the Southern Hemisphere, lol.
    And about 4 cases of Corona virus nationwide here in New Zealand.
    Don’t matter, I drink Budweiser.

  3. …and a variety of fruits and vegetables will do just that. Along with some supplementals.

    Protein ranges from 9 to 28 grams. It all depends on the type of bean.

    Plus I’ll go with the Mayo clinic who lists black beans with 15g of fiber

    Fiber is important as beef provides the body with plenty of artery clogging “qualities” (read: cholesterol) without any benefits of body cleansing abilities, while beans provide secondary artery cleaning qualities in large part to its fiber content. If the arteries are good, you’re overall outlook is better.

    Plant based diets are better overall for us. Not only is it healthier, it makes the body stronger without the adverse effects of animal protein. The world’s strongest man is a vegan, so the idea that vegans are skinny geeks is nonsense. Hell, gorillas have plant based diets and I’m sure you wouldn’t mess with one of them.

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – anonymous infographics are always inaccurate. Always! They are as factually reliable as horoscopes. Even if you know nothing about nutrition science that alleged price of beef at $3 per 100g (presumably whatever random dude with internet access created this infographic means US dollars, so that is US$66 per lb!) is not remotely representative of what the vast majority of people pay for beef. So this has to call into question the rest of the figures given also.
    But mainly:
    No source given = warning bells!

  5. I think I’m slowly loosing my mind. I could have sworn that a while back B&P posted an article comparing the nutritional value of beef to the nutritional value of crickets — albeit crickets are a healthier choice, the comments ended with someone pointing out that crickets fall through the grate when you grill them.


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