3 thoughts on “Leashed RC models racing”

  1. It looked like airplanes like my brother had when we were young (talking mid- to late-70’s); if so, these are not RC (Remote Controlled) planes.

    The plane my brother had a hand-held controller that had a couple of strings (maybe opaque fishing line) that connected to the plane and controlled the flaps. The strings were about 15 or 20 feet long.

    Our dad would start the engine and hold the plane–then release it as my brother started to spin around controlling the plane. Like the competitors in this video, he had to keep spinning to keep the plane aloft–and move his wrist to raise/lower the plane via the flaps on the wings. My brother’s plane flew for two or three minutes before it ran out of fuel (it had a very small tank for whatever fuel he used).

    I tried it once but got dizzy very quickly, so I stuck with model rockets.

  2. These are control line airplanes. They are a lot of fun. The non pro ones are just plastic held together with rubber bands so that when you crash they just fly to pieces. Put them back together with new rubber bands and you’re good to go. I got to the point I could do a loop with one. Old school fun.

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