6 thoughts on “Anybody ever have one of these?”

  1. Yep, we used a couple of them when I was a kid. I also remember the canvas “Camel Bag” that was filled and hung from the front bumper so we had water for the radiator when needed (also, we used ours for a cold drink at times).

  2. Saw one at a classic car show a couple years ago mounted on a 1960s VW Beetle. It was kind of an “air conditioner” that worked by evaporation I think.

    • Just remembered that ours had a small Venishan (ok, so I can’t spell it) blind that could be lowered over the passenger window to help keep out the sun.

      Back in the 40’s & 50’s, when we used these, the humidity in the San Joaquin Valley aways pretty close to single-digit as I recall. At least it was very low – the houses were usually cooled by swamp coolers; we loved to stand in the breeze after playing outside in August.

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