9 thoughts on “Hot Dogs Around the World”

  1. In New Zealand a hot dog is a (so called) sausage on a stick deep fried in batter and then dunked in tomato sauce (what USA calls ketchup).
    I don’t eat them due to getting food poisoning from one I got at a stock car race as a teenager.

  2. Where in germany do you get the hotdog type mentioned here?

    I’m from southern germany and only know “Rote im Weckle” (bockwurst with mustard and/or ketchup plus a bread roll) – or the regional subvariant (sepciality of Nuremburg): “Drei im Weggla” (essentially the same, but instead of bockwurst three bratwurst (Nürnberger Rostbratwurst) are used).

  3. Sweden’s reminds me of the Jewish Knish, and the Georgia one is actually called a “Scramble Dog”

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