Weekend Open Mic

Weather: We had a hot and very wet week which ends today (Saturday) as a cold front brings in cooler and dryer weather for the coming week.

The week: I cleaned up a lot of small and a few large branches this past week.  I was sore from doing that but I think the exercise was good for my back. Not much planned for the coming week, but since it’s supposed to be pretty nice I may try to find a project.

TV: We’re watching Money Heist (Netflix) 7.5/10.  It’s a Spanish series that was dubbed into English and the subtitles barely match the dialog. There are four sections or seasons and we’re into the second season.
I found out that Allen Funt’s What Do You Say To A Naked Lady an adult version of Candid Camera is available on Amazon Prime.  I want to watch that as I recall liking it when it first came out in 1970.

Websites:  I made a few small changes to the websites including updating the donate button on B&P.  Thanks to those who took my hint about trying out the button to make sure it works.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?



10 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. I watched Money Heist, but it was only in Spanish when I saw it. I don’t mind sub titles, they help because I have some deafness due to a road accident back in the 90s. But then I saw the second series dubbed into English, and the voices used were so try hard, nay, so laughable, that I just had to revert it to Spanish and read the words instead, lol.
    Fell in love with Tokyo.
    Then again I also fell in love with both the hotties on Modern Family, a programme I had resisted watching for all these years.
    I may fall in love too easy.
    Then again, you only get this one life, I am told.

    • My problem was that the subtitles quite different than the dubbed English. They generally were saying the same thing but waaay differently. Usually, they’re pretty close to the language heard.
      Yeah, I understand the attraction to Tokyo.

  2. I’ve been feeding quarters into the slot on the front of my computer for the last half hour trying to donate money but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m pretty sure I just put about $50 in there. I usually go to Coinstar about once a month to cash in my change but with the shortage I’ve been trying to spread it around instead.

  3. Not much here. My fancy assed car has been deemed a lemon. I hope to hear next week what the maker is going to offer. We started Hannibal but I dont know for how long. My problem is the actor plays a major part of my experience. The actor who plays Hannibal might wear thin. I dont think casting directors get enough credit.

  4. I watched What Do You Say To A Naked Lady (Prime) last night. It holds up okay, for the most part, considering it’s 50 years old. A couple of the skits seemed wrong in these times and I was surprised at how much smoking there was in the film. It still had some good laughs in it.

  5. I’ve been living on a liquid diet (not that kind) since my dental surgery, it is wearing on me. I finally went to “mushy” food today. Never been so happy for pasta in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love smoothies, but wow. The upside is I get to keep my teeth.

    Reva, how is your daughter’s friend doing?

    • She is mad at him because she feels he’s not taking care of himself. He is running errands for friends and not resting. Sounds like a young adult to me. 10 foot tall and bullet proof. I guess he is doing well, thanks for asking.

      Keeping our teeth is very important! I like mine. My brother was a dentist but I never went to him. He locked me out of the house when I was little and lord knows what he could do to me now, give me a smile like a jack-o-lantern? No way.

      Hang in there One!

  6. Sounds like a typical young man. Lol
    Thanks, I’m hanging the best I can. Like the old bat that I am. Lol

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