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    • Good Lord, dave, if you DON’T believe there’s a pandemic now that going on 170,000 — ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THOUSAND — Americans are now dead in a matter of months, you have Trump-level cognitive issues. And, believe me, that means one step short of drooling and forgetting your name.

      • CDC just released data TODAY, Aug 30, that 9200 people died of the Chinese flu in this country with that being the sole cause. Everyone else had at least 1 other comorbidity and usually several. Further by far, most deaths were of elderly people.

        Thank you dem governors for forcing nursing homes to take sick people in. Those actions alone were responsible for over 1/3 of the deaths.

        Wake up Karen, you’ve been played from the start. It’s not even as bad as a mild flu season. All this crap is for one reason and one reason only, Orange Man Bad.

  1. Dave.

    I’m curious. Do you think those 140 thousand U.S. deaths are all just some kind of made up conspiracy? We can’t negotiate trade agreements easily, but somehow every country in the world is in on it?

    Fill us in on what’s really happening! Send us a link.

    • Several States have been caught padding the covid numbers! Many reports have come in where people died of something other than covid but since they MIGHT have had it… they were reported as having died from it!.. Turn off main stream and open your eyes….

      • Even if that were true (there’s no proof of that), the fact is, many deaths that can be attributed to Covid aren’t being added to the actual numbers because those people died without being tested. Such as Florida. Their death rate in general, not counting Covid related deaths, has spiked. So, it’s more likely just the opposite of what you claim… the numbers are actually higher because of lack of testing.

      • No, Euragone, they haven’t been caught padding COVID numbers. WHERE in the world did you hear that nonsense? You need to learn how to fact check and to vet your sources. I promise, it will help you look much less gullible. You’re welcome!

    • grog, nice name btw, do you use the word “town” because you think I’m some ignorant hick from nowhere? I live in the Greater LA metro area. We are flooded with people from all over the world. Do you think I fear a biker walking past me at Costco? Bwhahahaha

  2. You should stop being afraid and live your life. unless you are very old or very compromised you are more likely to die in any number of accidents before Wuhan gets you. I specifically used the word Pandemic because this thing is touted as one, not my conspiracy, and it fails to reach that threshold. If you think trade agreements have something to do with this i can’t help you.

    • OK, so you brought up the word “pandemic” because you think your definition is better than the doctors who study epidemiology? That’s funny. I’ll take their definition over “some dude on the internet ” any day. You didn’t even provide any evidence or information.

      I only mentioned trade agreements and countries cooperating cause I thought you were a conspiracy nut. Instead it just sounds like you just don’t care if more people are dying than need to. I guess it’s no big deal until it’s the leading cause?

      “Stop being afraid and live your life……” even if it ends up killing some old folks. Sounds like the making of a great slogan. Your momma must be so proud. I’m not afraid, and I live my life, I just wear a mask too. It’s not hard.

      • So your going to take the word of someone you don’t know and have never researched to find out if their credentials are Fact or Fiction? Like Cuomo did? Killed Senior Citizens by placing infected people into Nursing Homes! Or the Pennsylvania Health Secretary who ordered that nursing homes had to accept Covid patents while removing her mom from one! Don’t believe everything you see on TV and Fact Checking Liberal BS ..

        Don’t play the “I’m Mightier than thou Art” card.. because your not!

        • No, Euragone Cuomo didn’t kill senior citizens. He put RECOVERING COVID patients in nursing homes to free up hospital beds for the more-desperately sick. That’s what nursing homes are for. That’s their literal purpose. I don’t know where the heck you get these crazy ideas but you really need to stop believing any BS that’s fed to you.

  3. It’s easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled or as has also been said: If you let an idiot convince you he’s the smartest man in the world, maybe he’s not the only idiot.

  4. Its closer to 160K at this point which is about 0.000485 of the population. Around 80% of all cases are the elderly in nursing homes. Anyone under 55 has almost no chance of dying from this unless they already have serious pre-existing health problems.

    • Any numbers being reported related to Covid deaths are inflated.
      I agree with what Sweden’s health director stated, that those dying from Covid are already seriously ill, and would have died at some point during this year anyway. BTW, Sweden did not have any lock downs, or mask requirements, and have reached the point where they have very few new cases being detected. Nearly all of their deaths were to those over the age of 80.

      • Actually, no. The fact is many deaths that are happening during this pandemic are going undiagnosed and not counting Covid related deaths, deaths in general are significantly up in many states. It’s not difficult to assume that deaths due to the virus may actually be 10x higher than what is being reported.

        As for Sweden, you are grossly misinformed. Deaths in Sweden had been higher than all other Scandinavian countries. It ranks eighth among countries with the highest number of COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 people.The lower numbers you report are in fact due to the Swedish government imposing restrictions stricter than those in Austria and France, which then succeeded in bringing the rise in infections under control.

        Thirdly, not sure how much of a sociopath one may be, but needing to make a statement that most deaths are of those over 80 implies that those lives have less value.

    • That may have been true at the beginning but there are now a huge number of people from 18 to 49 being hospitalized for COVID. Keep up. My son’s 32 year old friend, no pre-existing conditions, died of it. Left a 30 year old widow, a 10 month old and a 3 year old. So please stop spouting nonsense. It happens a lot more than you know. If you’d stop getting all your news from questionable sources, that would be great.

  5. Sweden approach eh? They think it failed, why don’t you?

    The “it’s just the elderly” angle that T town, DrEvil and Dave have is one of the reasons the U.S is doing so poorly. (FYI – heart disease and diabetes are one of the major risk factors, and the U.S. is leading in those categories.) If we all try that method, the hospitals get full and the death rate climbs even higher. I guess you are hoping we can all end up like New York eh? Do you think there aren’t any old guys riding Harleys to places like Sturgis?

    911 happened – “We’re all in this together. United we stand”….
    Covid 2020 – “Ha! I can’t be expected to wear a mask. The count is off, (so it’s only like 20x more than 911 ) who cares! Let’s just let all the elderly and sick die. ”

    If you want the nation to go back to normal faster, wear a mask. If you care about human life, wear a mask. If you want people to think you are just a selfish a-hole, tell us about how it doesn’t matter when other people are dying.

    • It is funny how people will only believe our so-called health experts about all things Covid, and ignore the dozens or even hundreds of medical professionals with differing views. However, in the case of Sweden, they are willing to believe a couple of dozen medical professionals who have differing views from their so-called health experts.
      The probem is that there is a lot of misinformation being spread by the media, and even the government. It is a known fact that deaths are being inflated in this country (see the link in my previous post). Another thing that is not being mentioned is the inaccuracies of the tests.
      The misinformation about hydroxychloroquine has caused untold number of deaths. The so-called health experts in this country have known, nor should have known, that chloroquine is effective against coronavirus in its early stages. Yet, they discount its use based upon flawed studies done on patients who are already near death, not on studies done on patients in the early stages of the disease.
      This link shows that they have known about chloroquine effectiveness against viral infections for many years:
      https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/14592603/ . There are other articles at nih.gov that date back many years mentioning the effectiveness of chloroquine against viral infecitons.
      Amazingly, all of the recent articles at nih.gov regarding chloroquine tend to downplay its effectiveness. This link talks about various studies that are “inconclusive”: https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/antiviral-therapy/chloroquine-or-hydroxychloroquine/ . Of course, if you actually read the studies, they nearly all involve subjects who are in the late stages of the disease, and have underlying health conditions. Translation, the chloroquine was a last-ditch effort, instead of being the initial treatment.
      Follow the money. Nearly all, if not all, of the so-called health experts who downplay the effectiveness of chloroquine have financial ties to the drug makers working on vaccines.
      As for the effectiveness of wearing masks. Putting aside the fact that the so-called health experts initally said that masks were ineffective, to now advocating for mandatory masks, again, you can search nih.gov and find several articles of studies, dating back a number of years, showing that the type of masks being worn by the vast majority of people do little, if nothing at all, in stopping the spread of viruses. In fact, they can cause other respiratory illnesses, some of which can have symptoms similar to Covid.
      The fact that the virus is surviving the heat and humidity of summer when most other virus tend to disappear is an indication that wearing masks, socially distancing, isolation, etc. is only prolonging the inevitable. At some point, the majority of the people will have been, or will be, infected, and there will be the unfortunate deaths of those with compromised health. It is time to be practical, and let the virus run its course so that life can return to normal. After all, at what point did it go from “15 days to flatten the curve” in order to keep the hospitals from being overloaded, to not another person should get infected?

      • “So called experts” – Yeah, call me crazy, but I will listen to what the majority of doctors think. Specifically those who specialize in infectious disease. How many hours have you studied this to think you know more? (FYI – searching for stuff you already agree with online, is not really studying or doing research.)

        Your case against masks is that people may not wear the right kind? That’s weak. Look at Japan. An elderly population, densely packed onto an island, with lots of smokers. They all wear masks, and they have less than 2000 total deaths. Masks are effective. People in Asia have dealt with more diseases, so they already know this. They have been wearing masks and doing much better than us. Is there some reason we can’t all wear reasonably effective masks?

        The conversation never went to “not another person should get infected.” Nice straw man though. I think it’s more do nothing or try to do something.

      • How sad it must be–believing that scientists, scholars, historians, economists and journalists have devoted their whole lives to deceiving you, while a reality-TV star with decades of fraud and exhaustively-documented lying is your only beacon of honesty.

    • I am sorry, maybe I missed it, but that article does not mention what age group it applies to. For all we know, it only applies to the elderly who have recovered from Covid.

      • The article never said they were only studying older people.

        There are plenty of studies and articles about this. It’s not just old people. It’s new, so we have plenty to learn, but it looks like some damage or long term issues are very common, even if they were not initially that sick.

        • True. It’s not just about deaths. It’s also about hospitalizations (taking up resources that could be used for other procedures) and lasting effects that become pre-existing conditions that certain parties don’t our privately-funded health care system to cover.

          Funny how just about every other country on the planet has figured out how to deal with this, while some people just choose to blame another country for our non-problem and do literally nothing else to make things better.

          • Yeah, like Sweden that had no lockdowns, kids are in school, restaurants and businesses open, no mandatory masks, didn’t crash their economy for nothing and are fine.

            • And you’d be wrong on every count.

              Stefan Löfven is their PM. A male in case you are gender clueless. And if you bothered to read the thread, you’d find the news that once Sweden enacted the toughest lockdown laws compared to other countries, their numbers dropped.

              • You got it bad there sheepboi. Take a deep breath and find some other news sources.

                In terms of reported cases, the data shows no evidence that the UK lockdown approach has been any more successful than the Swedish approach. In fact, per million people, Sweden has had fewer cases than the UK.
                In terms of recorded deaths, again there is no evidence so far that the UK lockdown approach has been any more successful than the Swedish approach. In fact, per million people, Sweden has had fewer deaths than the UK.

                But I get it, Orange Man Bad-it’s terminal as evidenced from your weapon’s grade stupid. Plus the obligatory triggering over fake gender crap. Do my parrot a favor and quit stealing her valuable oxygen, in fact do us sane people a favor and FOAD.

  6. The fact is, science is still learning about this virus and will be for some time. It took decades to learn that shingles was related to previous chicken pox infections. Not to mention, those who have recovered are still suffering from various other effects. We have no idea what will happen down the road with this virus, and those who profess to have all the answers are lying to themselves because even the experts are still learning.

  7. When people say that the death statistics are inflated because the people who died already had underlying conditions remind me of an acquaintance years ago who had heart surgery . While he was mostly recovered he was driving his car,a person ran a stop sign in front of him. HE died from this accident from hitting the steering wheel. Do you think they recorded his cause of death from a weakened rib cage and repaired arteries or the accident?

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