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  1. I don’t know if this is trying to make a point about racism or whatever, but it’s stupid.

    Making fun of people because they’re ignorant of the name of the numerals they use – most people agree Arabic numerals should be taught in school (actually I’d say “reinforced” because my kids all knew how to write their numbers and letters long before they set foot in a Kindergarten classroom, so if you’re waiting until a kid is 5 years old to teach them what a “5” looks like, you’re just a bad parent, but that’s another conversation).

    It’s the same as the troll running around with a fake petition to “end women’s suffrage” playing off people’s misunderstanding of the word’s definition.

    It’s a cheap prank that highlights ignorance but not a genuine lack of desire to teach basic concepts to children.

    • It’s not racism. it’s stupidity. Even if you don’t know what they’re called, the fact that they are defined should be enough to make you realize that the correct answer is yes. The 55% here deserve to be ridiculed.

      • I agree with you and Engywuck below, that if you don’t know then you should be saying “I don’t know” instead of “no.”

        However, it seems a reasonable assumption to think that “Arabic Numerals” means the numerals they use in Arabic-speaking parts of the world. And based on that (false) assumption, then a reasonable person might say “no” because they made a perfectly reasonable assumption based on their knowledge.

        The whole point of the poll is to laugh and say “ooh gotcha” to make fun of someone for not knowing an irrelevant and counterituitive fact. Unless you happen to have learned otherwise, it’s a logical deduction that someone conducting a poll asking “do you think they should teach Arabic numerals in schools” isn’t talking about the numbers used in Europe and the Americas, and is instead referring to numbers used in southwest Asia and North Africa.

    • well, if they don’t know what it is they shouldn’t have given a definitive yes/no answer… (although of course “no opinion” is also somewhat unfair as category: it can be interpreted as “too dumb to decide” instead of “please define what you ask”)

    • It reminds me of when Jay Leno (and others) go out on the street and ask random people questions about geography or famous people or some other topic. Of course they edit out the correct answers and play mostly the wrong answers, which does make thew people seem kind of dumb when they don’t know what the 3 branches of government are or whatever else they were asked. They’re just having a good time and don’t care if they look ridiculous.

      • I always have a good time here and have for around 12 yrs(?) but lately I’m surprised at the number of stiffs downvoting on almost everything. If you don’t like it, leave lol.

      • I put one of those interview videos on FB and got put in FB jail for a week. There were just historical questions asked on the 4th of July.

  2. If someone asks a stupid question, I am going to give a stupid answer, because it is fun. I think a lot of folks think that way. On the whole people are not stupid, despite what the internet would lead one to believe.

    Should we teach the Roman alphabet in schools? Hell no.

    Should we ban dihydrogen monoxide in food? I am all for it.

    How would you answer: Do you support the emaciation of women?

    • Rude, here’s a thought on “people are not stupid”, from the late and great George Carlin: “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

  3. What other majority answer would you expect from “educated” socialists whose education was paid for by hard working, tax paying Americans.

    • Did you go to a private school GI? How elitist. I went to a public school. And, just so you know, there’s no need to put scare quotes around the word educated — I know Conservatives fear education and schools but, really, it’s not frightening. Just as an aside — you do realize that a huge portion of the hard-working, tax-paying Americans are Liberals, right?

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